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Friday, September 6, 2013

Why 'NYT' Published NSA Bombshell

The Times' fine public editor Margaret Sullivan just published an inside view.
Ms. Abramson said The Times is continuing to report, based on the material, and indicated there will be more to come.
My take: I’ve been critical of The Times in the past for agreeing to government requests too readily, including the long delay in publishing what is arguably the most important surveillance story of the past decade — the Pulitzer Prize-winning article by James Risen and Eric Lichtblau about the government’s warrantless wiretapping of citizens in 2005.
And I have also written about The Times’s efforts to play catch-up on this set of N.S.A. stories that it did not break.
The encryption article — an important story, published courageously — is a very welcome development. The American public has the right to know, and debate, what its government is doing. Times editors and reporters, as well as those at The Guardian and ProPublica, deserve plenty of credit for how they have handled this.

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