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Sunday, September 22, 2013

WikiLeaks Reviews WikiLeaks Film

The Fifth Estate is finally about to open, after debut at Toronto film fest, and no surprise, WikiLeaks folks, as far as we know, not happy with it.  They've obtained various scripts including what they say was the  near-final one and claim friends saw it in Toronto and noted a late change or two--so in any case they are, they say, basing their critique on the finished film, more or less.  Read the script and the critique details here.   Besides claiming inaccuracies about DDB and his role and deeds, there's this:
  • Julian Assange was never in a cult, but THE FIFTH ESTATE claims that he was.
  • Julian Assange does not dye or bleach his hair white, as claimed in the film.
  • While these interpolations may serve to enhance the dramatic narrative of the film, or to build an enigmatic or interesting central character, they have the effect of further falsely mythologizing a living person as sinister and duplicitous.
Trailer below:

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