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Monday, September 23, 2013

Will McAvoy Pens a Note

Twitter is still aflame over favorite homicidal-drug-dealing son Bryan Cranston losing to Jeff Daniels (!) for best actor in the Emmy sweepstakes.  Get over it, folks.  I have my own love/hate relationship with The Newsroom but Jeff is great.  Moving on:  The top Louisville newspaper ran a letter to the editor from a W. McAvoy which was word for word from a recent Newsroom.  They soon pulled it but check out the readers' comments for some fun reactions, such as:   "I found myself laughing hysterically this morning as I was glancing over the forum and 'GOP Requirements' caught my eye. I read the article, and found myself feeling as if I had heard it before. Then, when I saw 'W. McAvoy, 40222' I knew I had heard it the previous Sunday. I must say, shame on the C-J editorial staff for not catching it. But then again, not everybody watches HBO. On the other hand, I completely agree with [the fictional] Mr. McAvoy's statement."


YellowSpringer said...

Interesting, but frustratingly incomplete. How about quoting the 'pulled' article, newspaper comments, or the original Newsroom rant? Make it interesting!

YellowSpringer said...

Frustratingly incomplete. Why not include the 'pulled' newspaper text, comments, or original Newsroom rant? Make it interesting!