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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another Poll Shows Most Back ACA--Or Want it Expanded

Last week a poll that showed--contrary to GOP, and many media, claims--most Americans actually support Obamacare or, if anything, feel it does not go far enough.  A minority, it turns (contra Fox and Tea Party)  feel it goes too far.  This was very upsetting to conservatives and questioned.

Now another poll, just out from CBS, and based on polling just this week--note to pundits, after the explosion of criticism of all those tech problems--confirms the earlier survey with virtually the exact same numbers:  29% feel the law is okay, 22% think it doesn't go far enough, and 43% say it goes too far.   And that's despite the fact that the same poll shows that most Americans are not convinced they will pay less under the new law nor get better care.

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