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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another 'Steubenville' in Missouri?

Update #3  Anderson Cooper with another CNN report, with both girls and moms.  Sheriff confirms the boys confessed and agrees a sexual assault took place.  Daisy says she attempted suicide "numerous" times.  CNN's Tuchman tries to interview the prosecutor Robert Rice but not allowed.  Melinda Coleman says prosecutor wanted her to say that her daughter wouldn't press charges to get him off the hook, but she says she didn't agree to that.  More news on the Lt. Gov. calling for case to be re-opened.

Update #2  Daisy Coleman and the second girl in the case both on Erin Burnett show on CNN, with their moms.   Daisy says that, yes, she was at one time nervous about going ahead with trial because she might face underage drinking charge--but felt that was okay because at least the perp would also suffer.  Her mother again claims prosecutor covering up now.

Then the local sheriff hits state Lt. Gov. for saying the case was "disappointing" and should be looked at again.  Sheriff says:  "No doubt in my mind that everyone would be vindicated from outrageous charges" being leveled now if it was re-opened.  Says their work was "flawless."  Burnett asks about report that shows they inspected iPhone that had, or once had, video on it, plus photos, texts, and wonders where it is now.  He doesn't say but  claims never saw video. 

Buzzfeed story on Justice4Daisy movement and video of girl and mother on CNN with Erin Burnett last night.

 In a surprising response--that is, that they responded at all--the college now attended by the accused young man in the case replied to numerous posts about the case on the school's Facebook page with this reply there:  The university is required to allow all qualified and eligible students to pursue an education. The university is strongly committed to continuing to create a safe and supportive campus environment free from harassment and hostility. Read about the resources available to the UCM community. http://bit.ly/1bRusVP

The local Maryville paper has re-posted all of its stories on the case.  Note how they repeatedly refer to neither girl being "physically injured."   Apparently two footballers who were also at party were suspended.  The father of one of them then erected two large signs calling the school board chief the "anti-christ" and a "Hitler." 

Tuesday Update #1:  Interviews with the two girls or their parents may air tonight on CNN (Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett).   As promised, Anonymous already at work.  Hacktivists took down the county Web site last night and #OpMaryville announced via statement.  After others called for action to re-open case, via Reddit and elsewhere, Facebook account of accused perp was IDed, then taken down, as were those of friends.   L.A. Times with update.  Rally to re-open case planned for Oct. 22.  Anonymous video.  They claim the girl, Daisy Coleman, 15, backs their efforts.

Don't know if accurate, but after a Maryville restaurant was IDed as either owned by the alleged perp's family or that he or the second boy worked there (take your pick), people started posting nasty or darkly humorous "reviews" of the eatery at Yelp.  Note: The K.C. Star published the victim's name with full permission of family, which seeks justice.  Today the family of the 13-year-old girl also in the case gave okay for use of her name, now that more "believe" in her story.   The Star in editorial calls for a grand jury to be convened.

Prosecutor, pressed in recent days,  and local sheriff claim the Coleman family refused to cooperate fully and this torpedoed their case. The family denies this.

Truly shocking story in the KC Star on a case that seems to follow a pattern: young girl gets mixed up with older (football) player, trusts him as they drink to excess, and then gets sexually assaulted (or, in his view, have consensual sex).  In this case, she gets dumped on her doorstep for two hours, passed out in 22 degree temps.  An iPhone likely captured some of this on video and is passed around.  Town folk side with the football player.  The girl's mom loses her job.  Charges are dropped, unlike in Steubenville,  even though authorities believe they had a strong case.  The boy is well-connected, the girl is not.  (Oh, on same night, a girl, 13, seems to have sex with a boy, 15.)  The family moves out of town, then their old house burns down for some reason.  The girl, who had been a cheerleader and beauty queen and got mainly A's in school,  tries to commit suicide twice.  Read it and weep.  Earlier story with photos.

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They want a "campus environment free from harassment and hostility" but not rapists!