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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Friedman's Wurst

I was going to take my own rip at Tom Friedman's horrid (is that redundant?) column today but never got around to it and now Bob Kuttner has done it, and better.  In fact, he calls it Friedman's worst ever--as if such a thing is possible.  There are so many points to contest but just one:  I had to laugh with Friedman blaming us senior or near-senior Boomers for mooching off young folks with super-generous Social Security payments.   Funny, I remember contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to SS over the past 40 years.  My son, age 26, to mention one example, has contributed a few thousand.  And he's funding me in years to come?

Anyway, something from Kuttner, on Friedman's friend and billionaire star of his column:
Some seniors, of course—Mr. Drukenmiller’s cohort—are making out like bandits. Here’s a variant on a Bill Gates joke: Stanley Druckenmiller and I walk into a bar. On average, we’re billionaires. But the average retired American is not the one described in the Friedman column.
Contrary to this sort of propaganda, the economic-injustice problem in America is not about generations. It’s about class. Specifically, Stanley Druckenmiller’s class. But Druckenmiller, approvingly quoted by Friedman, blames the diminished horizons of the young on “current spending on my generation” as if he had anything whatever in common with the people reliant on Social Security.

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