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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Other Ways to Look at New Obamacare Poll

 We're already reading the usual analysis and punditry on new NBC/WSJ poll--you know, that majority of folks want the ACA repealed or, gosh, revised.  That's feature in most of the headline and TV reports.  As usual, the details reveal results that could also be the top story if viewed in the same way.

For example: Alternative an accurate headline could be, "Despite problems, only 40% says they are 'less confident' in the new law."

By 37% to 31% the numbers show Americans  feel confident that the tech problems with the site will be straightened out soon.  The rest say it's too soon to say.  So pundits and headline writers could just as easily shout,  "only 31% hitting web site problems!"

Then there's this: just 24% want the ACA eliminated.  So your headline:  "76% reject repeal of Obamacare despite problems!"

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