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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Packing a Lunch? No, Packing a Gun

Boy, 11, in state of Washington wanted to help out a friend being bullied so...he brought to school a gun and 400 rounds of ammo. Also a couple of knives from home.
The boy was also found to be carrying two loaded .22 caliber magazines, according to the probable cause document. Officers said that the boy had “claimed in the presence of school officials that a ‘voice in his head’ was telling him to kill” another student after he had called the boy’s friend “gay,” the document states.
In an interview with police, the boy “stated a voice told him killing [another student] was a good idea; however he planned to just shoot [the student] in the arm and then shoot himself in the head,” according to the probable cause document. “After making theses (sic) admissions he asked to speak to his mother and his request was granted.”

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