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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Patti, the Notorious Mr. Brooks, and 'CBGB'

Wild:  Patti Smith in 1979 clip from children's show singing (after brief interview) "You Light Up My Life" with the composer Joe Brooks at the piano. Yes, that Joe Brooks--charged a few years ago with numerous felonies related to him luring women to his apartment via Craig'sList and then sexually assaulting them.  He committed suicide before trial started.

BTW, I saw that widely-panned CBGB film last night because son of a friend (who once appeared in a school play directed by my son) plays Tom Verlaine, and very well.  Among the howlers:  They Patti Smith singing "Because the Night" as an unknown in 1974, when she was already a star when the tune (written with Springsteen) was released in 1978.  

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