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Monday, November 11, 2013

More Laughs from Bill Keller

Bill Keller, the NYT's greatest humor columnist since Russell Baker (not counting Bill Kristol), is back with a piece claiming that President Obama is "under water."  In fact, he is not just sinking but on "the bottom."  Talk about pot meeting kettle!  Keller claims the public is "numbed and disgusted" and, believe it or not, he is not referring to his readers.

Yes, Obama deserves plenty of  blame, but Keller apparently has no shame--well, we knew this before, given his embrace of Judy Miller,  and many attempts to defend his hawkishness on Iraq.  And this new column just happens to appear a day after a widely-acclaimed piece by the paper's public editor revealed Keller (again) as a spineless tool for holding, almost forever,  the James Risen piece in 2004 that revealed the Bush team's illegal eavesdropping.   Just a weeksago Keller wanted to bomb Syria first and ask questions later--advice fortunately scorned by the "underwater" President, and now we have those chem weapons on the way out, plus an opening with Iran.   Perhaps Obama has a few words on how the Times might "salvage" Keller.

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