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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Michael Hastings' Brother Shoots Down 'Truthers'

And the guy should know.  Not only was he the dead writers brother, he was within him on final day, in final hours.  Certain the conspiracy theories are all wrong, which has always been my take.  This Q & A also discusses his views on Mike's life and career and views, and the media coverage.  "I really rule out foul play entirely. I might have been suspicious if I hadn’t been with him the day before he died. After all, he definitely was investigating and writing about a lot of sensitive subjects. But based on being with him and talking to people who were worried about him in the weeks leading up to his death, and being around him when he had had similar problems when he was younger, I was pretty much convinced that he wasn’t in danger from any outside agency."


Guy Montag said...

I agree that Jonathan Hasting's interview tips the evidence toward a "non-conspiracy theory" being most likely to explain the fatal fiery crash.

For details, see my recently updated post "What Burns Faster, Memories or Flames?", at the Feral Firefighter blog.

My post begins with a tribute to MH (quotes about Andi & Elise, extensive quotes from others) and is followed by a detailed discussion of the car crash, the LAPD & Michael Krikorian's (LA crime reporter whose 1st novel "Southside" was released yesterday) investigations, and media coverage.

Robert said...

Everyone is a fireman. Since when does being with him the day before, then implying he must have committed suicide, indicate that evidence does not matter in such a high heat demise. The transmission over here, the engine there, the car burned before it ever hit the tree, hardly doing it any damage. I agree in action since the time of the incident and before, free Barrett Brown. The second weird thing is that the timing of this curious distraction is just when the most plausible action to take to free Barrett Brown is to tell the world of the BS about Jeremy Hammond's upcoming sentencing. THAT IS WHAT SHOULD BE HAPPENING rather than all this steerage mind F'king.