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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Public Ed. Revisits Infamous 2004 'NYT' Episode

The Times' tireless public editor Margaret Sullivan (man, could she get a lifetime appointment?) tonight revisits one of the most controversial and damaging episodes in the paper's history--its refusal to publish and important and prescient story by James Risen on illegal Bush wiretapping before the 2004 election, holding it until well after.  Besides the many journalistic, ethical and legal questions it raised, there's the matter of possibly handing the next four years to Bumbling Bush.

Sullivan interviews many of the key players on why the paper failed to publish--until Risen was about to spill the beans in a book.  Of course, pitiful Bill Keller (left), then the top editor,  continues to defend, others, such as Philip Taubman, claim mixed feelings or feel they should have gone ahead, and more.  And we here from good old Michael Hayden.  Who knew the whole saga was optioned for a movie?   Read the whole thing

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