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Friday, November 1, 2013

TSA Agent Shot at LAX

Updates from top:  2:55 p.m. LA police chief Patrick Gannon: Shooter used assault rifle; shot lower level TSA agent, proceeded to upper TSA area, shot screeners.  Incident limited to that. 

Pete Williams at NBC just reported that one TSA agent dead.  Photo at left allegedly of AR-15 used on the floor.

Local medical center says 3 admitted, two "fair," one "critical."   KTLA anchor just now: “This person started shooting at lower level of T3, shot agent, walked right through to main terminal area to gate.” CBS with unconfirmed claim that shooter is "off-duty" TSA employee. Another: shooter is dead.  Another:  Young man, U.S. citizen, shouted in English.

NBC in L.A. says witnesses report 8 to 10 shots. Shooter in custody.  One witness describes as young man in short blond hair.  Police say incident "probably" over.  Bill Reiter of FoxSports was at scene and witnessed terrified chaos. He's tweeting @Foxsportsreiter.  "After the initial burst of gunfire and hiding, people started jumping over one another, jumping off chairs, pushing each other. Chaos & fear."   NBC's Pete Williams: Suspect pulled out rifle and shot document checker at TSA checkpoint. Large box of ammo found.

LA Times:  an agent shot at says “I got shot, I’m fine.” Says he's been shot before (presumably NOT at LAX).

CBS: suspect in camouflage outfit.  Witness says he asked him if he was TSA and he said no, so moved on.  Now the usual claim that may be 2nd gunman.  But doubtful. 

Classic actual tweet from Walter "Up in the Air" Kirn:  "About to land at LAX and see from the net there's some kind of shooting there."  Jeremy Scahill tweets: "Our flight just got diverted from LAX."


Just happened at 12:30 ET.  Two terminals evacuated.  TSA agent shot in leg, another (or passenger) reportedly in the mouth, both taken to hospital.  Some confusion on others wounded or not.   Suspect reported wounded.   KTLA live coverage here.

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