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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Turn the Page

Everyone's talking about Russell "Rusty Rockets" new attack on Murdoch and his Sun but don't miss this less-famous hit--from a grassroots campaign formed to get Rupe to change his long-running "Page 3" sexist photos of naked or near-naked women in the paper.  Check out this stirring choir of kids and women and lyrics below.

No equality, no equality while there's Page 3
There's a world of women out there
And you could embrace us all,
But you focus on the body parts
And miss the person's soul
And you just can't see the damage to every girl and every boy
Who see this woman starkly stripped as if she's nothing but a toy..so..(chorus)

You tell me, I can't see, whats the purpose of page three?
What's the point? What's it for? Time to show page three the door.
We need change, why not here? Cos we have to start somewhere,
There'll be no equality while there's page three. 

Girls will learn by imitation
So why impose this limitation
That they'll only gain some clout
If they're prepared to pose and pout,
For the men who leer and shout
"Get 'em off love, get 'em out"
But a woman's not for sale,
And we're here to tell the tale...

No ones asking you to ban it,
Just for you to show some thought,
Murdoch, Dinsmore this aint rocket science,
Its time you really ought to show some common sense,
Some spine,
To turn the page,
To draw a line,
Time your 'stunna' did a runner, you can get your porn online...

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