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Monday, November 25, 2013

U.S. Media Back, and Attack, Iran Nuclear Deal

Update:  And tonight to top it off, right-winger Bret Stephens at the WSJ--yes, folks, he is a recent Pulitzer winner--tops them all by calling the tentative Iran deal "worse than Munich."   Even Jeffrey Goldberg calls it a "tad overheated," or  maybe more than a tad. 

Earlier:  My new piece at The Nation: In editorials , NYT strongly backs Iran deal--WSJ (inevitably) attacks it. And John Judis reminds us that the rigthwingers ripped Reagan for his 1987 nuclear pact with  the Soviets--which helped end the Cold War. 

Tom Friedman at NYT really rips Israel, Israel lobby and U.S. congress members in thrall to it.   (See this on one of the perpetually worse U.S. Senators on this, Chuck Schumer, from last night.) This graf so strong Peter Beinart asks if Friedman will be condemned as anti-Semitic:

"Never have I seen Israel and America’s core Arab allies working more in concert to stymie a major foreign policy initiative of a sitting U.S. president, and never have I seen more lawmakers — Democrats and Republicans — more willing to take Israel’s side against their own president’s. I’m certain this comes less from any careful consideration of the facts and more from a growing tendency by many American lawmakers to do whatever the Israel lobby asks them to do in order to garner Jewish votes and campaign donations."  

Headline of the Day has to be from Reuters however on this story:  "Special Report: 'Great Satan' meets 'Axis of Evil' and strikes a deal." It also includes this:
A black tie charity ball was finishing up and singers with an after party band at a bar above the lobby were crooning out the words to a Johnny Cash song - "I fell into a burning ring of fire" - while weary diplomats in nearby conference rooms were trying to polish off the last touches of an accord. Negotiators emerged complaining that the hotel lobby smelled like beer.

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