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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

'Poor' Reporting We Can Applaud

We've lauded the tireless NYT public ed. Margaret Sullivan--tirelessly--but it seems that (though she won't say so directly)  now there's another example of her work has resulted in a truly important shift at the paper.  Last June she wrote that the Times produces a lot of high quality reporting on poverty--but far too little of it.  Today she observes that there has been a lot more lately, including today's haunting portrait on how many kids go hungry in New York (as Thanksgiving nears).  Much of this is related to the cut in food stamps, post-stimulus.  And to come:
The Times has other changes in mind. For example, the reporter Rachel Swarns on Monday will begin a weekly column, “The Working Life,” exploring “the experience of working – or not working – in New York,” Mr. Jamieson said. And Michael Powell’s “Gotham” column will change to twice from once a week to help highlight some of the experiences of lower-income New Yorkers.
Prediction: Though awards may be largely trumped-up, I think Sullivan will be a Pulitzer finalist if not winner next April.  

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