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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What '60 Minutes' Really Missed

As usual, Amy Davidson of The New Yorker provides one of the best takes on a hot topic, in this case, the Bogus Benghazi report and semi-apology.    She gets at some of the larger issues, from overall coverage and partisan debate over the embassy attack to our attack on and involvement in Libya that set the scenario for what happened last year.
Those military and diplomatic questions deserve better answers, ones about policy choices rather than half-discerned conspiracies. You wouldn’t know from Logan’s report that the United States was engaged at the time in a historic and violent transition in Libya, in which the Qaddafi regime was overthrown with the help of our forces, or about that revolution’s disordered denouement, or about the Obama Administration’s decision to ignore the War Powers Act. Libya is presented as nothing but a place with a diplomatic mission and Al Qaeda’s black flags in the street. Brave men swinging rifle butts are thwarted by craven ones in Washington who won’t move their “military assets” into the country.

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