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Saturday, November 9, 2013

What Will Be in "60 Minutes" Apologia on Sunday Night?

Yeah, they did their mini-culpa on Friday for the bogus Benghazi report while promising a bit more during their show this week.  But what?  Even the mini-culpa was enough for many media writers, and the program's chief, who also happens to be CBS News chief, clearly indicated they are turning the page--no promise of a full review, suspension of guilty parties, etc.  Jay Rosen with an in-depth look tonight at what CBS should say but probably will not.  It starts with also apologizing for stonewalling for so long, claiming the critics were mere partisans,  and only admitting the obvious after other news outlets revealed deep flaws.  He also notes how Mary Matalin and her book imprint is tied up with CBS and will they say anything about that?

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