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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Aiding Syrian Rebels: Our Bad

This must pain hawkish Michael Gordon to report for  NYT  but he's just revealed that U.S. is suspending aid to Syrian "rebels" because (what a shock) it's falling into hands of al-Qaeda and other jihadist forces.  The evil debacle that was our near war against Assad becomes ever more clear and the hawks--including NYT columnists Kristof and Keller--have yet to utter one note of apology or "my bad."  And then there are all the pro-bombers among Dems and Repubs in Congress and the usual rightwing pundits. Whether or not Seymour Hersh's reporting this week is mainly right or wrong, it seems likely that Obama decided at last-minute that indeed the case for bombing--especially since it would aid the jihadists--was weak.

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