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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Beethoven: The Complete Quartets

Someone has uploaded to YouTube--in one nine-hour file (never seen anything this long there)--all 16 of LVB's string quartets, which some consider the Everest of music (though for that you really have to get to quartet 6 and onward, or from 2:15 on).  And it's by the fabled Quartetto Italiano in a legendary cycle.  And good sound quality, for such a file.  Go to YouTube for times for each quartet starting. If you're a newcomer, just go to 8:50 for the second movement of the first quartet (ten minutes long) and see if you get hooked.  NoteOur new film and book explore one of Beethoven's other peaks, The Ninth Symphony, and its incredible political and cultural influence around globe.  See trailer and amazing Bill Moyers segment.

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Laurence Glavin said...

I was listening to come of the Bagatelles for piano by LvB the other day on Youtube. One performance of the Opus 126 set allowed the viewer to select each Bagatelle at a time, or it would start at number 1 and proceed through the set. That would be the best way to present the String Quartets on Youtube if you're going to offer the whole set. By the way, the Bagatelles are definitely some of LvB's most quixotic pieces. One of them is only 20 seconds long.