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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Booby (Prize) Zimmerman

Seems to be a goof, but on the other hand, this is America, and the L.A Times claims it's for real, so who knows:  "original" patriotic painting by George Zimmerman up for auction at eBay, purportedly by the "real George."   Usually such things get no bids, or they are "buy it now." This one started at $9.99 and after more than 100 bids is now over $100,000.  One presumes it's all a joke and people just want to bid and retract but  the L.A. Times claims some people are bidding as a way to donate to their hero...Meanwhile, Mediaite claims that whoever painted it, he or she copied it from an existing flag. Philip Kennicott "reviews" the art work at Wash Post.

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