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Friday, December 20, 2013

Disney's World of...Menstruation

Haven't seen this before:  classic 10-minute short, shown in schools and elsewhere to 105 million girls, years ago, after World War II, about menstruation, created by Disney with the help of, yes, Kotex.  The accompanying booklet includes ads for Kotex tampons, of course, and this was known as the first fully commercialized educational project.  No mention of sex act in the film, naturally.  Note:  In the same period Hollywood made its first epic about Hiroshima and the atomic bomb--which glorified the weapon (MGM let Harry Truman revise the film), as told in my book.


Laurence Glavin said...

Every time I see a commercial for Progressive Insurance, I feel sorry for any girl in real life who was given the name "Flo".

Bernie Latham said...

There is, I suspect, a better than average chance that this educational film will find its way into the gender sensitivity tutorials presently being provided to Republican politicians. It is, after all, a Walt Disney production, it is admirably simple and has nice music too.

DrGecko said...

Oh, some girls are ok with being named "Flo." One example would be my pet gecko.