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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Greenwald Replies--And Sirota Supports

Tuesday update:  Now Pando, which hit Glenn Greenwald in major piece, then defended it from his response (see below) just out with pro-Greenwald piece by David Sirota.    He says a "smear campaign" against Greemwald "is, in short, an effort by those reliant on an old power structure and outdated media business models to selfishly maintain that structure and those models — journalism, facts, and democracy be damned."

Sunday: Glenn Greenwald with lengthy response to Pando's Mark Ames and other critics who have hit him for alleged "profiteering"of NSA leaks after recent work with news outlets.   Just for starters he hits others--such as Josh Marshall--for hypocrisy since they also do work funded by billionaires.  Example:
I have nothing but contempt for the DC functionaries who are cynically embracing that Pando post that holds out the WikiLeaks dump-it-all model as the ideal - the Josh Marshalls and Fran Townsends of the world - as though they would prefer we did that instead. Those are the very same people who hate WikiLeaks, and would be first in line to accuse us of recklessness and likely demand our prosecution if we followed that model (here, for instance, is a CNN debate I did in 2010 with the very same Fran Townsend when I defended Julian Assange after he signed a $1.2 million book deal). 
Marshall just replied on Twitter:  "Notable: this twitter firestorm & 's new (as usual misleading) attacks have been triggered by my simply tweeting link to article."  The Ames article.

Greenwald concludes:
Being skeptical and asking questions about any new media organization is completely appropriate. I'm sure I'd be doing the same thing of other new organizations. But we haven't even begun yet. When I moved to Salon and then to the Guardian, I heard all sorts of claims about how I'd have to moderate or dilute my work to accommodate those environments and the interests and views of those who own and run them. I don't think anyone can reasonably claim that happened. And I am quite certain that the same will be true here. The people we work with and, ultimately, the journalism we produce will speak volumes about exactly the reasons we're doing this and why I'm so excited about it.
On Twitter,  David Frum mocked Greenwald for writing at length.  Yes, Frum used just 3 words to shame himself as the author of "axis of evil." 

And now a back and forth on Twitter between Greenwald and James Manley, former top spokesman for Sen. Harry Reid who has just gotten a new job.   Manley today tweeted link to the Mark Ames hit on Greenwald at Pando.  Glenn tweeted referring to Manley's new post: "Revolving door sleaze", noun: disease plaguing Washington & destroying the nation - see e.g.    Manley then replied: "and you are a dangerous man. A zealot, full of sanctimonious self righteousness playing a game way out of your league." 

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