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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mandela: Commie--And a 'Socialist Failure"

Whatever.  In one opinion section of NYT:  Bill Keller on Mandela as Communist and Zizek calling him a "socialist failure."  To whit:
Two key facts remain obliterated by this celebratory vision. In South Africa, the miserable life of the poor majority broadly remains the same as under apartheid, and the rise of political and civil rights is counterbalanced by the growing insecurity, violence, and crime. The main change is that the old white ruling class is joined by the new black elite. Secondly, people remember the old African National Congress which promised not only the end of apartheid, but also more social justice, even a kind of socialism. This much more radical ANC past is gradually obliterated from our memory. No wonder that anger is growing among poor, black South Africans.

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