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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Error of '60 Minutes'

Yes, the CBS "news" show has picked up another award--this time the not-so-coveted "Error of the Year" prize from famed Regret the Error creator (now at Poynter) Craig Silverman.

Somehow he narrowed down the show's nominees to just one, the Lara Logan "Benghazi" con job.

Runner-up is that New York Post cover story and photo of the Boston Bombing "Bag Men"--seemingly IDing them as chief suspects (wrong).

But don't miss, Craig also names a correction of the year, typo of the year, and apology of the year, plus discusses trends in all those fields!  One correction runner-up from Slate:  "An earlier version of the Carlos Danger Name Generator suggested incorrectly that the Carlos Danger Name for Anthony Weiner is Armando Catastrophe. The Carlos Danger Name for Anthony Weiner is Carlos Danger."

Somehow this one from the NYT did not win:  "The Media Equation column on Monday, about the animated comedy show 'South Park' and its creators, misstated a plot point in the show. While the character Kenny was once killed in every episode, that is no longer the case. The column also misstated the circumstances of his repeated deaths. While Kenny met his fate in a variety of ways over the years, he was not routinely 'ritually sacrificed.'”

And from Metro UK:  "Yesterday’s Lou Reed obituary should have referred to his collaboration with Metallica on the album Lulu, rather than collaborations with Metallica and Lulu."

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