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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Train in Pain

Update 11:25   FNDY chiefs confirm four dead and 11 very serious but possibly not life-threatening.  Three of dead thrown out of train.  Some of injured had to be "cut out" of wreckage.  No one believed in water.

Earlier: Major derailment on Metro North train line along the Hudson I frequently take to NYC (rode it every weekday for ten years when I was editing Editor & Publisher).   Local NBC just reported four deaths and maybe 63 injured with 11 very serious (fortunately not that many on train).    One car nearly went into water.  Here's an early CNN report below.  Note: train does not go to Penn Station but to Grand Central.  Amazingly, I had dinner last night very near the site of wreck in Spuyten Duyvil section and my wife and I had wondered how far a walk it was from train station if we took the train next time.   Metro North passenger: “I was dragging along the ground…it felt like an eternity... I was eating rocks.”

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