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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another School Shooting

Thursday update:  Yes, we now learn that the boy brought the shotgun from home, where his folks had it, unsecured, apparently.  And some classmates may have known in advance.

Earlier:  This time it's in Roswell, N.M., but no mystery. At least two kids injured at middle school, extent not known.  Gunman apprehended.  The usual lockdown.  This report has one victim airlifted to hospital in Texas.  Return for more details.  UPDATE:   The two kids, age 13 and 14, are "critical."  Shooter is said to be 13.  Further Update:  Shooter said to use sawed-off shotgun, and attack in school gym, not class.  And even further update:
Eighth grader Odiee Carranza said she was walking to the school gym when a boy bumped into her as he rushed past. She told him to be careful, and he apologized and continued on. He ran to the gym, where he pulled a gun out of a band instrument case and fired at the students.
‘‘Then he shot up in the sky, then dropped the gun, and then some teacher grabbed the kid that had the gun,’’ Carranza said.
Carranza described the shooter as a ‘‘smart kid and a nice kid.’’

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Still don't think we need more control and background checks??!!