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Saturday, January 11, 2014

ARod Gets a Year

According to USA Today baseball writer Bob Nightengale, the baseball arbitrator has ruled that Alex Rodriquez will get a 162-game suspension--that is, the entire 2014--for his serial cheating via PEDs.  This is reduced from the original 211 but probably not cut enough for ARod is going ahead with a very messy federal lawsuit.  He claims that deck has been stacked against him from the beginning.  Should be a career ban--for career cheating--but still significant.  Of course, some will still argue A-Roid should go into the Hall of Fame....Nightengale with more here: 

UPDATE: Players union says it disagrees with ban--god knows why--but will not back ARoid in appeal, as they have agreed to the arbitration process. 

If this goes ahead, Yanks will save about $25 million on salary cap.  

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