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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bob and Hank

Elsewhere  I posted audio of Hank Williams' funeral, 61 years ago tomorrow,  in Montgomery, Ala.   I'm reminded that one of my other heroes, Bob Dylan, cited Hank as his chief early influence going back to the very beginning og Bob's career.  Here's a page that collects numerous quotes.  He called him "my first hero."  Also: "I started writing songs after I heard Hank Williams."  And:  "Hank Williams was the first influence, I would think, I guess, for a longer period of time than anybody else." And: "To me, Hank Williams is still the best songwriter."

And on hearing rumors of Hank's death: "Kept my fingers crossed, hoped it wasn't true. But it was true. It was like a great tree had fallen. Hearing about Hank's death caught me squarely on the shoulder. The silence of outer space never seemed so loud."  Bob sang two by Hank in the famous doc, Don't Look Back.   Below that Bob covers Hank's "I Can't Get You Off My Mind."

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