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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Catapulting Into the News

Video of the day, from the wild and now increasingly violent street protests in Kiev:  See folks wheeling out a homemade, Middle Ages-style catapult (or trebuchet), and then sending some sort of projectiles in direction of police (amid chants of "load it").  Stun grenades fired in response.  I'll recall that this all started there two months ago with thousands singing the "Ode to Joy."
 -- G.M. 

Thursday UPDATE:  See below for photo of another newfangled old battle device: a slingshot used to launch Molotov cocktails.  But today a ceasefire seems to be holding. 


Anonymous said...

I think that is a trebuchet actually but not going to argue.

MrMendo76 said...

to bad us lazy ass ameriturds won't do this shit