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Sunday, January 19, 2014


I confess I love most of the Most Interesting Man in the World commercials, especially the radio spots.  I think it's the "Frontline" guy doing the narration.  I've known for awhile that the actor, a healthy 75,  is interesting in his own right, in real life, but now the Boston Globe has a feature today on this fellow using his "cult-like" status, from Vermont, to tackle the continuing and horrible global landmine problem.   Then there's this:
As the surprise guest at President Obama’s private birthday weekend at Camp David, he was snuck onto the archery range — where multiple arrows were placed in the bull’s-eye — to wait for the guest of honor to arrive.
When Obama approached from behind and marveled at the mystery archer’s astonishing aim, Jonathan Goldsmith turned and quipped, “You’re late.”
The leader of the free world took one look at him and doubled over in laughter — and later insisted he sit next to him at every meal.

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