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Friday, January 17, 2014

No More Gun Movies (For How Long)?

We tweeted news yesterday that legendary producer Harvey Weinstein (who didn't so well in Oscar race this year) is planning an anti-gun film epic, possibly involving Meryl Streep.  Now he's going on Piers Morgan tonight and Piers is previewing it via Twitter--with claim he is announcing he won't ever make another flick glorifying gun play (hear that Tarantino?).   From Piers: "BOMBSHELL > 'I won't make any more movies glamorizing guns' - amazing interview with Harvey Weinstein, who is taking on @NRA Airs CNN 9pmET....MORE > Harvey Weinstein told me Meryl Streep will play a Senator who takes on the @NRA in his new anti-gun movie. CNN 9pmET." -- G.M.

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