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Saturday, January 25, 2014

'Ode' Happy Day

Our film "Following the Ninth," about theamazing influence of Beethoven's symphony and "Ode to Joy"--see recent segments on Bill Moyers' show and "All Things Considered"--has been playing in dozens of cities around USA and will screen in historic Rheinbeck, N.Y. on the evening of Feb. 27. We're looking for a musical guest or guests to sing or play the "Ode" after the screening (we did a highly successful flash mob here in Nyack, if anyone wants to try that). Could just be a local musician with guitar singing Billy Bragg's new lyrics to the "Ode," featured in the film. Or a pianist or choir. Whatever. Anyway, if you know anyone who might take part in this let me know here, thanks.  Contact me at:  epic1934@aol.com    -- G.M.

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