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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pete and Neil and Phil

Great little piece at NYT on something I'd heard long ago but forgotten.  On the night before my old friend Phil Ochs decided to hang himself, he had been drinking and chatting morosely in New York with Pete Seeger, who had to leave to catch the last train for his home far up the Hudson.  For decades Pete carried that with him, feeling he maybe should have stayed in NY for the night.  Apparently Neil Young had a somewhat similar experience with Kurt Cobain and advised Pete to let it go, but Pete could not. Another measure of the man.  Here's Neil at Farm Aid, where his encounter with Pete took place, paying tribute to Phil after recounting what he'd just said to Pete and reference to Cobain.


Patricia Carlin said...

I started crying after the first three chords. Love this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.