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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Morning in the Church of Beethoven

Continuing my weekly feature.   It's the morning after I  co-hosted another sold-out event in Nyack last night, first in a series of four programs featuring clips from film about LvB--and Yashar Yaslowitz playing a pair of piano sonatas.  The show was so hot it set off a fire alarm and we had to evacuate for half an hour at intermission (actually someone was "smoking in the boys' room").  This came just three days after the overflow crowd for screening of Following the Ninth, which I co-produced, along with "Ode to Joy" flash mob and yours truly interviewed afterward (see below, with the "Ode" performed twice).  Rivertown Film is currently preparing a video of the flash shot by four cameras on the floor.

 Plus:  Film director Kerry Candaele, also my co-author on book "Journeys With Beethoven," has been interviewed for an NPR "All Things Considered" allegedly coming this week. And  due to popular demand, there will  be another screening of film, with live piano selections, on Feb. 5 at Nyack Library. 

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