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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

That Movie Theater Shooting

NYT follows up on last week's incident in Florida when man (Iraq vet) was shot and killed by another man (ex-cop) in a movie theater because he was texting, before the film, in checking on his daughter with a babysitter.  Here comes another Stand Your Ground case.   Although this time both males are white.
His lawyer, Richard Escobar, said Mr. Reeves,  who is charged with second-degree murder, acted in self-defense. He suggested that Mr. Reeves was hit in the face with something other than popcorn, and had every right to defend himself with deadly force...
Mr. Escobar has said that because of his age, Florida law supports Mr. Reeves’ self-defense claim. In Florida, a misdemeanor assault against anyone 65 or older is a felony. And in Florida, a person who has a reasonable fear of great bodily injury or death is not obligated to retreat.

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