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Monday, January 13, 2014

Woody at Greystone

Great to see this Al Jazeera America piece tonight on surprising new photo book on Woody Guthrie's many years at Greystone battling Huntington's disease.  That's a photo of him at left, in 1958, at age 43, about three years before Bob Dylan's famous visit, his "Song to Woody," but nine years before he died.  The book juxtaposes 75 photographs of the abandoned wards "with excerpts of previously undisclosed letters from Guthrie to his family; quotes from Guthrie friends and relatives whom Buehler interviewed; and unpublished photographs from the Woody Guthrie Archives, family and friends. The book also includes a photo of Dylan's unpublished, handwritten lyrics of 'Song to Woody,' which Buehler found in his research."  (Also today, Billy Bragg posts his soundcheck version of "Caliorna Stars.")

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