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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Oak Ridge Prisoners--and the Guard

February 27:   Great piece at Wash Post on the three activists--and the security guard who failed to stop them at the outset and thereby lost his job. He has a new job but now relies on food stamps and checks from his mother. "Kirk’s arbitration is now set for April. He thinks the Energy Department owes him, not only for his decades of service but also for properly assessing a threat that was not his job to prevent in the first place, for not escalating a situation that was essentially harmless. He knew right away, from decades of experience, that the old lady and her accomplices weren’t terrorists. He looks at the government, seemingly immune from consequence."

February 18: I've covered this case of the peace activists who broke into part of the Oak Ridge nuclear facility in the past and you can catch up here, including history and commentary from William O'Rourke.  Sister Megan Rice, the elderly nun, was sentenced to nearly three years in the pen today and her two comrades nearly twice that. No need to point out the sentences handed down to criminals ranging from mass murdering soldiers in Iraq to Wall Street crooks.

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, over at the LA Times, I'm reading about how that smiling Eric Holder is finally breaking bad as a liberal in his second term. I suppose he's working on his legacy marketing position so he can hobnob without embarrassing his hosts.