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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reynolds Wrapped (Again)

Perhaps you have long forgotten about the notorious former Illinois congressman Melvin Reynolds, who got the boot back in the 1990s after facing 12 statutory rape charges, went to prison and then faced corruption charges as well.  Now he's been arrested, in Zimbadwe of all places, and charged with pornography offenses.  Something about filming "models" in his hotel room. Wild story. 
This is the latest of several legal problems for Reynolds, an Illinois Democrat, who once was a Rhodes scholar. Reynolds resigned from his congressional seat in 1995 after he was convicted of 12 counts of statutory rape, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography. While in prison he was also convicted of bank and campaign fraud. He was in jail until his sentence was commuted by President Bill Clinton in Jan. 2001.

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