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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tales of Hoffman--Lies But a Nice Payoff

UPDATENYT put story on front-page today and the full-page "apology" ad from the Enquirer, along with announcement of the new foundation, appears on page nine of the first section.   The Enquirer in the ad suggest it merely made a "good faith error" leading to "an unfortunate turn of events" and actually acted responsibly, killing the story and apologizing (after the threat of lawsuit, of course) and that it goes along very willingly with funding the new grants for several years.  

Earlier:  Amazing Jim Dwyer story at NYT just now.  Remember the National Enquirer claiming that Philip Seymour Hoffman's playwright friend David Bar Katz had said he and PSH were gay lovers--and that he'd often watched him do drugs?  And that Katz was suing for libel? Well, you know that usually leads nowhere.  Except this time: the Enquirer, it turns out, has quickly killed the story and apologized--and is funding a new award to be given annually to an up-and-coming playwright.  And they're paying for a full-page ad in tomorrow's Times to announce all this.

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