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Friday, April 11, 2014

That Musician Arrested in Philip Seymour Hoffman Case

April 11, 2014NYT with big piece tonight profiling this guy.  Even more fascinating, and tragic.

Earlier: Turns out the key guy has had quite a musical career from playing with Bowie to serving as Wyclef Jean's musical director to doing own album and performing widely. (Recorded with Blondie, Amy Winehouse, Tom Jones and on and on.)  Reputed to be terrific sax player but maybe age (57) and loss of gigs led to his apparent heroin dealing.  He has not yet been charged with selling directly to PSH--though the actor's number was found in his cell phone.  Here's a clip of him playing--as usual as Robert Aaron (not Vineberg)--not long ago.  Below that: He played sax on the studio recording of my favorite Bowie song, "Modern Love" though I can't be sure he is in this live clip (but might be). 

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