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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Ballad of Rosanne Cash

Happy to tout NYT op-ed just posted by recent acquaintance Rosanne Cash--you may have heard she has an acclaimed new album and has written a couple of well-regarded book.  It explores "the ballad tradition," with mentions of her Dad, John Wesley Hardin and Dylan, Paul Brady, and song written by her ex- and current husbands, plus classics like "Arthur McBride" (see below)  to a cut off her new album.

Excerpt on the latter:
I don’t usually revisit my songs after being immersed in writing, recording, mixing and mastering them for an album and hearing them dozens of times while doing so, but I still listen to “Master” every couple of weeks to remind me of the unpredictable sources of inspiration, of long-cherished goals finally achieved, of the importance of the ballad tradition, of time travel, family and, of course, the Unions: with our pasts, with people we once loved and those we love forever, between our singular attachment to home and our mutual devotion to realm, and the wrenching, magnificent union between who we were and who we are.

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