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Saturday, March 8, 2014

About That Leaked Phone Call and Those Snipers

Has anyone seen any walking back by the quasi-journalists (and not just RT and RT.com) who jumped on the "revelation" in that leaked phone call this week--which proved to them that it was the protestors in Kiev who hired snipers to shoot their own forces to gain sympathy and outrage?  The "evidence" was weak from the start, second hand, hearsay--one official telling another about a conversation he had with a leading doctor at the scene of the shootings who allegedly suggested the bullets might have come from snipers acting for the protestors.  Even though there was no way to judge the veracity and bias--and even if the official was trying to speak truthfully there was no way to know if he'd misinterpreted the doctor's remarks--these ideologue and faux journos swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

Of course it turns out the doctor, who we learn is quite famous and important in the country--Olga Bogomolets--denies suggesting any such thing.  Here's just one account of it, near the close of an excellent profile of her.  In another interview, with the Telegraph, she could have been referring to the 'journalists" when she said,  "I think you can only say something like this on the basis of fact. It's not correct and its not good to do this. It should be based on fact."  Could she be changing her story now?  It's always possible.  But obviously citing her as source for "evidence" that snipers back protestors is ludicrous.

Dr. Bogomolets is so well-known she has been offered key positions in the new government there, which she has turned down because she is suspicious of whether the new regime will make good on promises to the protestors.  (See my fuller story at The Nation.)

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