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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bravery at RT, With Updates

I wrote a piece at The Nation on the completely one-sided pro-Putin  RT television (formerly Russia Today) and RT.com coverage of the current crisis in Crimea and Ukraine.  Of course, U.S. coverage has left much to be desired as well, to say the least. (See Glenn Greenwald commentary.)  Anyway, here's a top anchor, Abby Martin, at RT having the courage to buck the company line and offer criticism of the Russian military moves.  UPDATERT announces that since Martin admitted in her statement that she knew little about Crimea, it is sending her there to learn more.   Nice idea or rather foreboding by highlighting her position as maybe naive?  UPDATE  #2  And now a good deal of reporting on Martin as a well-known 9/11 "truther."  First piece I saw today was at New York.  Now NYT is latest to compile the evidenceUPDATE #3  Martin now says she will NOT be going to Crimea, thank you very much, because she doesn't want the usual "P.R." trip.  Stay tuned.

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