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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

CodePink Leader Exits Egypt--After Abuse in Jail

We RTed shocking tweets from CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin yesterday, related to being seized in Egypt, thrown in jail, and allegedly suffering abuse, leading to a broken arm or shoulder injury.   She even managed to tweet a photo of her jail quarters. (See @MedeaBenjamin) Now comes word that she has now been deported--to Turkey.  CBS confirms the story in this dispatch.  
Benjamin said she was detained upon arrival in Cairo, where she was meant to join a delegation and then travel to the Palestinian territory of Gaza for a women's conference.
Benjamin tweeted earlier that the jail cell was cold, the food given to her consisted of "dirty stale bread and dirty water," and that the guards refused to allow another woman in the cell to see a doctor despite the fact that she was ill and "moaning all night."
More in my update at The Nation.   Some reports had the U.S. consulate intervening to help her--but CodePink strongly denies this.

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