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Monday, March 3, 2014

Kim Novak, Not

During and since last night's Oscar broadcast much has been posted about Kim Novak's startling appearance.  One must feel sympathy.  And then there were all the younger female, and male, actors who also showcased much "work."  (Let's all mispronounce "Travolta" now.) Well, as the often say, "it's all about the work."

But some have said that Kim and other women had "no choice." So I give you one of the most--if not most--beautiful women in the history of Hollywood, Eva Marie Saint.

No, she wouldn't make most lists, but then some of us prefer casual rather than over-the-top beauty. And nothing tops Eva in "On the Waterfront," and then in a more sleek role in "North By Northwest."   Still quite alive (she recently did a cameo in a movie), she appeared on CBS two days ago and talked about how she never "went Hollywood" and never (she says) got any work done.  And still gorgeous.

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Anonymous said...

She and my mother were in the same class and sorority at Bowling Green State University. Have always been a fan of hers.