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Monday, March 24, 2014

"Ode" in Odessa

UPDATE:  There's now an extended and "official" version of the flash mob, so I've replaced the earlier one below.

Earlier:  And the hits just keep coming.  Just thus morning, bolstering claims in our new film and book of the "Ode to Joy" as the universal anthem,  I posted recent video of students in Tunisia singing, amazingly well, almost the entire final movement of Beethoven's Ninth.  Now, just up today,  a flash mob in a crowded market in Odessa, Ukraine....of course, the "Ode" also serves as the European Anthem, giving this performance, shall we say, added depth?  Of course, I'm also proud that we helped contribute to this new "Ode to Joy" global flash mob phenomenon with our own quite successful one here in tiny Nyack, N.Y.   h/t @AndreaChalupa

1 comment:

Ed Darrell said...

Cool. Do you know of other videos of this event? Did they get a crew to document the whole thing?