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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Smile, Though the World Is Laughing

UPDATENYT tonight says McConnell has sense of humor and his site has posted best of of these. 

Earlier:  Jon Stewart loves to do his Yertle the Turtle imitation of a certain U.S. Senator and last night he couldn't get enough of a new TV ad for Sen. Mitch McConnell's troubled Senate re-election run.  He kept running one segment when Mitch just keeps smiling, in different scenes, as music plays--with Jon's team substituting different fun tunes.  At the end he asked people to post their own versions under #McConnelling.  My original contributions:  With the "True Detective" theme and  the Turtles', "It Ain't Me Babe."

Here's what the YouTube search discovers so far, and one with the immortal Rick Astley below plus "If I Only Had a Brain."

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