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Monday, March 10, 2014

Some Feat

Yikes, just out is a thirteen CD boxed set for Little Feat, one of the great '70s bands that continued on despite the death of key writer Lowell George in 1979.  I loved all the '70s albums with Lowell but lost touch thereafter pretty much, though many I respect still dug them.  Here's a Slate appraisal on all this, with picks for their best.

I like to tell the story of drummer Richie Heyward telling me in 1971 that I had single-handedly kept them on Warner Bros. when they were in danger of getting bouned.  The reason? Their fantastic debut album gotten few reviews at first, until Warners suddenly saw raves in Crawdaddy (where I worked), Changes, Fusion and another national outlet, as I recall. What Warners failed to notice was that the same person had written all those reviews--i.e. yours truly.

My fave Feat (and much better than the version posted by Slate).   Below, runner-up, the Allen Toussaint classic, "On the Way Down."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for those vids, Greg. I am an old Feat fan, former Crawdaddy reader. Lowell George ... the best.
-- Joe Davis