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Saturday, April 5, 2014

By the Time We Got to Woodstock...

We were feelin' pretty strong...for screening of our film Following the Ninth tonight.  Great turnout and questions from audience, and the theater staff, this being Woodstock, all played instruments and volunteered to have a go at the "Ode to Joy," which they did well, with many in audience joining in to sing Billy Bragg's new lyrics (featured in the film).   You'll see them in photo down below after we pay tribute to the main road to town--now named after Levon Helm--and my latest visit to Big Pink and its famous basement, one of the most hallowed locales in rock 'n roll and Dylan history and....still pink. (Very isolated place, by the way, and down rocky dirt road.)  At bottom, bonus: rare angle view of Big Pink.  Extra bonus: entire Music from Big Pink, which merely changed the direction of Americana music.  Thanks to Becca and the gang. The film is doing tremendously well around the USA, from week-long screenings in big cities to 580 for one night in Wichita. 

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